Reimbursement of expenses

In order to obtain reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs, it is necessary to fill in the form (RTF, PDF) with the personal details of the guest, the institution to which they belong and the reason for the stay (e.g. seminar).

It is also necessary to attach the original documents for which reimbursement is requested (e.g. plane or train ticket, meal invoices, etc.).

Per poter effettuare tali rimborsi, l’ospite, anche se straniero, deve avere un codice fiscale italiano. Qualora ne fosse sprovvisto, può richiederlo al Consolato d’Italia nel proprio paese di residenza.

In order to obtain these reimbursements, the guest, even if foreign, must have an Italian tax code. Should they not possess one, an Italian tax code can be obtained from the Italian Consulate in the guest’s country of residence.