Scholarships and research grants

Research grants

Research grants are awarded, following public competitive selection, to the students of the non-single-cycle Master’s degree courses, within the context of specific training activities, and/or to those enrolled on doctoral courses, selected mainly with criteria based on merit. The selection can be extended to graduates if it is published on the basis of specific agreements and without financial burdens for the university, with the exception of direct costs related to the carrying out of the research activity and any insurance costs. They cannot be cumulative with other scholarships and/or research grants of any kind, except those granted by Italian or foreign institutions to supplement the scholarship activity with periods abroad. In particular, they cannot be cumulative with scholarships for the attendance of PhD courses and specialized training contracts.

The scholarships last at least six months and no more than one year. They may be extended one or more times provided that they have a maximum total duration of three years.

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Scholarships – details

Scholarships aimed at the study and further in-depth study of specific issues within the various subject areas on the basis of a specific scientific project. The scholarships are awarded following public selection among candidates with pre-defined curricular requirements in the announcement and chosen mainly with criteria based on merit. They can also be funded by external bodies on the basis of contracts or agreements. The specialist scholarships may be given to students of the University of Pisa for undergraduate, Master’s, or equivalent courses, specialization schools and post-graduate degrees as well as those who have obtained these qualifications or a research doctorate at the University of Pisa, no more than 18 months before. The specialist scholarships may also be awarded to students or graduates enrolled at universities which have a convention or agreement with the University of Pisa provided that the joint qualification given.

The scholarships have a duration of at least three months and no longer than one year. They may be extended once only for a maximum period equal to the initial duration and only in order to complete the in-depth analysis activity envisaged by the grant. The same person cannot hold scholarships and study for more than two years in total.

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